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Although many do not realize, toothbrushes can have a lot of bacteria. You should not be concerned however, because every day there are hundreds of bacteria in our mouths, and this isn’t a bad thing. According to your Sherman Oaks Cosmetic Dentist, problems only arise when there is an unhealthy balance in your mouth.

Regardless of how many bacteria live in your mouth, your body’s defenses make it very unlikely that you’re going to catch an infection from your toothbrush. Fortunately for us, the human body is usually able to defend itself from bacteria, however you should exercise some caution.

Sherman Oaks Cosmetic Dentist

First, you should consider where your toothbrush is in the context of your bathroom. Most bathrooms are small, and often the toilet is close to the bathroom sink where you keep your toothbrush. Every toilet flush sends a spray of bacteria into the air.

Additionally, you should take the following precaution with your toothbrush. First, you should wash off your toothbrush thoroughly with tap water every time you use it.

You should also keep your toothbrush dry. It is important to let your brush dry thoroughly between brushings. Your Sherman Oaks cosmetic dentists recommends avoiding using toothbrush covers, which can create a moist environment that is beneficial for bacteria.

Additionally, you should store your toothbrush upright in a holder. Lastly, no matter how close you are to a person, you should not use their toothbrush. We hope you stay tuned for more dental tips from your Sherman Oaks Cosmetic Dentist.