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woman smilingA person’s smile is composed of the lips, the gums, and the teeth. A good cosmetic dentist understands how these components directly affect the overall beauty of the smile. Missing teeth can be as distracting and harmful as they are inconvenient. In addition, tooth restorations that are visible or sloppily placed can create more harm than good, both emotionally and physically.

When a person loses a tooth, it is important that the tooth restoration is not only strong and functional, but that it also looks natural and blends perfectly with the surrounding teeth. There are different options for tooth replacement, including dentures and bridges, but tooth replacement with dental implants is the best option available to replace missing teeth…hands down!

Advantages of Dental Implants

Other options for tooth restoration can damage both the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, including the gums, bone, and the surrounding teeth. Dental implants are the only option that stabilize the bone and surrounding teeth, preventing the occurrence of progressive bone loss over time. Bridges require altering the surrounding healthy teeth to secure them into place, and dentures can cause severe damage to the adjacent teeth, bone, and soft tissue. In addition, dentures can slip, affect speech and chewing, and can be difficult to clean. Dental implants appear and function exactly like natural teeth. They do not require extra maintenance and will last much longer, giving you the healthy beautiful smile that you desire.

Types of Abutments for Dental Implants

For dental implants, an abutment is used to attach the crown to the dental implant. In general, there are two types of abutments: stock abutments and custom abutments.

Stock Abutments

Stock abutments are made by the implant manufacturer and are the same for each patient, each tooth, and each situation. They are not customized and make absolutely no accommodation for the patient’s smile, gums, or specific spacing of the teeth. Because stock abutments do not provide an exact fit, using them can result in complications, such as food impactions around the tooth and infections. Dr. Jamie Sands does not use stock abutments.

Custom Abutments

Custom abutments are made from a mold of the patient’s exact implant when it is in his or her mouth. They are completely customized for each patient, each tooth, and each situation, which ensures an exact fit and increased comfort. Dr. Jamie Sands only uses custom abutments for her patients. Custom abutments are made of a variety of materials, including titanium and zirconium.

Dr. Jamie Sands never uses metal abutments for the front teeth because they do not create optimal aesthetics and can appear black at and through the gums. Therefore, Dr. Jamie Sands only uses custom zirconium abutments for her patients’ front teeth, which provide the most beautiful and natural-looking results. The crowns Dr. Jamie Sands places on top of the abutments are also customized by her ceramist to provide the exact shape and color that will perfectly compliment the surrounding teeth, gums, and lips. Since the back teeth are less visible, Dr. Jamie Sands offers either custom zirconium abutments or custom titanium abutments to replace missing molars. Both options are equally as effective for tooth restoration with implants for the back teeth.

Picture Caption: Tooth restorations with dental implants are composed of the dental implant secured to the jawbone, the dental abutment secured to the dental implant, and the crown (or “cap”) secured to the abutment.

The beauty of having custom dental implants with Dr. Jamie Elizabeth Sands is that she uses her advanced knowledge, heightened resources, and artistic eye to provide the best aesthetic and functional results for her patients.

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