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Ask Your Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist: When Should My Baby First Visit The Dentist?

You should bring your baby into the dentist when he celebrates his first birthday.

The first appointments are primarily aimed at getting children used to the dentist’s chair and teaching parents about how to care for their babys’ teeth. Although this may not seem important, it is a good idea to establish these habits early. If your baby has transitioned from the bottle to cup and doesn’t eat or drink during the night, you can wait until age 2. That’s when the standard every-six-month dental visit suggestion kicks into gear. When your child is 4 to 6, expect your dentist to look for cavities.

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Prevention is something is that not talked about as much as it should, and it is something all Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentists should discuss with you. Prevention should be a priority between ages 6 and 12, when baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. Your child’s dentist will probably advise a sealant, a plastic resin that attaches to teeth’s chewing surfaces, between ages 7 and 9. Cavity-prone molars are the most probable site for treatment. The resin keeps cavity-causing bacteria from getting into the grooves and valleys of teeth.

Additionally, when your child is around 7 years old, his or her Los Angeles dentist will most likely propose an orthodontic exam. Most children will wait until their early teens for braces, but orthodontics relates to modifying jaw growth, so identifying causes of crooked teeth early helps later on.

Lastly, in the end it is the basics brushing twice a day, flossing every day, and getting regular dental examinations — that have the most impact on your child’s smile. Stay tuned for more from your Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist.g