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It is important for parents to realize the importance that early age visits to a Los Angeles family dentist can have on the overall dental health of a child. The phobias and poor hygiene children have are usually related to a lack of commitment from parent and little to no supervision by dentists.

Some Los Angeles family dentists recommend parents bring their children in at the age of one for their first visit. The aim of this first visit is to get children use to the dentist’s chair and to educate parents on how to take care of their children’s small teeth.

Los Angeles Family Dentist

During early childhood, the habits children develop are very important to their later health. As a Los Angeles family dentist, we cannot stress this enough. If the child has transitioned from bottle to cup and if the child does not eat during the night, the first two years will be easy. After the first two years is when doctors recommend to have six months check ups. Around the ages 4 – 6 children can get their first set of x-rays to check for hidden cavities.

Once this stage has passed the ages 6-12 are all about prevention. Parents should make sure children attend their Los Angeles family dentist visits and regularly clean their teeth. Unfortunately, not all people understand this. In fact, we recently had to speak to a donor walls company employee to stress this.

If you are getting ready for a visit to the dentist you should keep in mind a few notes. First, you should talk to your children about the visit, but do not make a big deal about it. Present the visit as something that a routine which everyone has. Also, while in your Los Angeles family dentist’s office, be collaborative whenever asked. We hope this information from your Los Angeles family dentist was of  help.