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As a Valley City Family dentist, we often receive questions about sore and inflamed mouths.

Primarily, patients of ours want to know what it is and how it happens. Stomatitis is the technical term used to talk about a sore or inflamed mouth. This is a condition that often limits the person’s ability to speak, sleep, and eat. This condition can occur anywhere within the inner areas of the mouth including the gums, check, tongue, palate and lips. Everyone can suffer from a sore or inflamed mouth and there are several reasons for it.

Valley City Family Dentist

There are several different types of Stomatitis, and following are common examples:

Cold Sores, which are also known as ¨fever blisters¨ are probably among the most commonly, recognized sores. These are blister that become full of fluid, and these are usually found on the lips. Sometimes these can be found on the palate and the gum area. A way to recognize if you are getting one is to identify any tingling, burning or tenderness around the above-mentioned areas.

Canker sore, also known as aphthous ulcer is usually a single yellow or pale ulcer, which has a red outer ring. Sometimes groups of these ulcers clustered around the mouth, usually on the lip, tongue and cheeks.

Mouth Irritation is also very common and it can be related to a number of things. Here is a list of some of those:

  • If you are currently receiving radiation due to a cancer treatment
  • If you have gingivitis or some sort of mouth infection
  • Chewing tobacco or smoking too often
  • Using dental devices, such as braces or having a sharp tooth
  • Burning your mouth when you are eating with hot foods
  • Biting on your tongue, cheeks or lips

If you suffer from any of these it is important to visit your Valley City Family Dentist.