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Do you know the ins and out of tooth enamel? If not, your Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist is here to explain.

The exterior section of your teeth, called enamel, plays the role of protective membrane in your mouth. Although dental enamel is the hardest substance in the body, eating habits and unbalanced dental hygiene can erode this important surface.

Beverly Hills Cosmetic DentistIn order to avoid enamel erosion you should pay attention to what you ingest. The first thing to consider is your eating practices. Eating disorders such as bulimia and conditions such as heartburn expose the mouth to stomach acids. Stomach acids are very strong agents in enamel erosion. In fact, any type of acid can erode dental enamel. As your Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist has said before, soft drinks and candy containing sugar trigger acid production in the mouth, softening and eventually wearing away dental enamel.

A good piece of advice from your Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist is to stay away from acidic drinks, even swimming pools containing irregular amounts of chlorine. More importantly, the attitude one takes towards the protection of dental enamel is key to having well protected teeth. In order to maintain strong teeth, your Beverly Hill Cosmetic Dentist advises drinking milk. This is because calcium is particularly conducive to protecting and strengthening enamel.

Finally, everyone should have strong dental hygiene. Remember that brushing your teeth too hard might be counterproductive. It is important to be aware that enamel can become softer by brushing too hard. To keep track of dental enamel and the state of teeth, patients should visit the dentist regularly and stay vigilant on the habits that might erode dental enamel.