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We’ve talked on our website about whether or not, medically speaking, yellow teeth are a bad thing. The answer is, for the most part, no. From the perspective of your dental health, yellowing is a natural process. Unless that yellowing is associated with other, deteriorating conditions, or is caused by some harmful activity like smoking or drinking, there is no cause for alarm.

However, that should not devalue or delegitimize concerns that are purely cosmetic. If yellow or brown teeth are a cause for stress or personal self-esteem issues, that is a perfectly valid reason to seek some form of treatment.

Beverly Hills Teeth Whitening
Medical professionals in Beverly Hills should not advocate self-modification procedures on a whim, but when performed responsibly, whitening is a safe, painless procedure that poses few risks to dental health and can go a long way toward improving confidence and personal satisfaction. That’s its own kind of dental care.

When we refer to professional Beverly Hills teeth whitening, we are talking about bleaching. Carbamide peroxide is the chemical most used in bleaching procedures. The concentration varies, and over the counter solutions are much weaker than the stuff your dentist will use.

Still, when handled improperly, or applied in excess, bleaching can cause damage to your gums and teeth. It’s tempting to want to do it yourself, and the price is certainly reduced, but the process is rarely as effective with generic treatment and can be harmful without professional oversight.

To counter the potential danger involved, your dentist will apply an impermeable gel to the gum line and areas surrounding the teeth. Treatments typically finish in under an hour, and employ both a bleaching solution and laser.

It’s important to keep in mind that there is no way to remove staining except to remove stained tooth. Yellowing can’t be washed off. Even a whitening toothpaste includes abrasive elements to physically scrape off stains.

This is another important reason to apply whitening with the help of a professional. Some Beverly Hills dentists create take-home casts for their patients that serve the same purpose as the sealant gel, containing the bleaching agent only to the teeth. Over bleaching will literally dissolve your teeth down to the roots. A certain amount of sensitivity to hot and cold immediately following a whitening session is normal, but overdoing things can make that permanent, and do serious damage to your teeth.

Professionals will monitor the progress of whitening, though, adjusting the concentration of bleach accordingly and setting a timeline for treatment.

The biggest mistake that people make heading into whitening is to expect huge results immediately. Teeth with some yellow or brown tint can achieve marked changes from whitening, but veneers could be a better option for patients who want a real, controllably white shine to their smile. (People with veneers should consult a Los Angeles dentist before whitening, as the porcelain will not change color with the normal teeth.) Impatience can lead to poor decision making, yet another reason to seek professional advice.

Used the hands of professionals, bleaching can be a powerful, safe tool for improving quality of life. Just make sure you know what you’re doing.

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