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Treating Your Sleep Apnea

Do you often feel unrested after a full night’s sleep or become drowsy at midday? Do your family members complain about your loud snoring? While many men and women write-off their “bear growling,” it could actually be a sign of a serious sleep disorder. Sleep apnea...

Wine’s Effect On Harmful Bacteria

They may make it way up in Napa, but we here down in Beverly Hills have a well-developed taste for wine. And why not? Wine is delicious — or, at least, the stuff that comes out of California is. It’s good for social functions or with meals, for picnics or book...

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

Dental implants are not just an effective way to restore your smile, but also to maintain oral health. A missing front tooth will affect your speech and overall aesthetics. If a back tooth is lost, other teeth will move around to fill that space, causing a change in...