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Basics Of Tooth Whitening In Studio City

For most individuals, a smile is of the upmost importance when presenting oneself. The reason is because people understand that a beautiful smile can say a lot about a person. Among the different treatments people choose for their smiles are teeth straightening and...

On Smoking

In case you needed another reason to quit smoking, or shamelessly harp on someone you know and care for to do so, I’m here to tell you that, if possible, tobacco is worse for your mouth than sugar. Most people understand this in broad terms. Smoking is bad in general....

The Link Between Cancer And Gum Disease

A recent study included evidence that showed that men with a history of gum disease may be more likely than other men to develop cancer. The study, whcih appeared in The Lancet Oncology, included close to 50,000 male health workers. This research added more evidence...