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Treating Your Sleep Apnea

Do you often feel unrested after a full night’s sleep or become drowsy at midday? Do your family members complain about your loud snoring? While many men and women write-off their “bear growling,” it could actually be a sign of a serious sleep disorder. Sleep apnea...

Preventative Dental Care for Gum Disease

Although it is important to have healthy teeth, the foundation of healthy teeth begins with healthy gums. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults in the United States, and in a lot of cases it is completely preventable with good oral hygiene....

Answers To Porcelain Veneers In LA

Many visit Los Angeles cosmetic dentists for a variety of different reasons, however often the solution to these  cases involves Porcelain Veneers. Whether you have crooked, out of place teeth, a filling that sticks out, an unflattering gap you’d like to get rid of,...