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Hospitalize Your Teeth

Whether you’re in Los Angeles, California or Teresina, Brazil, or Bordeaux, France a hospital is a place you go to get better, to recover from injury or sickness, to heal. Whatever brings you there, the last thing you expect is to leave worse off than when you showed...

Wine’s Effect On Harmful Bacteria

They may make it way up in Napa, but we here down in Beverly Hills have a well-developed taste for wine. And why not? Wine is delicious — or, at least, the stuff that comes out of California is. It’s good for social functions or with meals, for picnics or book...

Natural-Looking Dentistry

Contrary to popular belief, straight and white teeth are not the only elements of a flawless smile. When planning to create a beautiful, natural-looking smile, a good cosmetic dentist must factor in the shape of the lips, the height of the gum line, and the length and...