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Your Teeth’s Impact On Your Heart

Los Angelinos tend to care a lot about their health. Gyms are pretty much ubiquitous, as are yoga studios and the like, and for anyone who’d rather do their workouts outdoors, there’s always Muscle Beach. In the process of staying in shape, though, the fitness freaks...

Taking Gum Disease To Heart

Periodontal disease, the advanced form of gingivitis, is nasty, nasty stuff. I try and impress this on my patients here in Los Angeles, and we’ve given it some space on the blog, as well. But it’s worth repeating. Over and over. You don’t want periodontal disease. Why...

New Research On Coffee

Judging the Starbucks per block ratio in certain parts of Los Angeles, we do not need to convince most people in this city to pick up a cup of coffee in the morning — or afternoon, or evening, or middle of the night, for that matter. But java lovers everywhere...

Stress On Your Teeth

For a city with upwards of 280 days of sunshine a year, Los Angeles has a bad reputation as one of the more stressful places to live in the country. The traffic, the high-powered jobs, the cost of living, the traffic — L.A. has a way of taking its toll on you....

On LA Dental Implants

As readers of our LA dentistry blog will know, broken or chipped teeth are a relatively easy fix. Fillings are usually non-invasive and lasting. Deciding which material to use can be more complicated than the procedure itself. When a tooth is missing entirely,...
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