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Here are some commonly asked questions answered by your Valley City Cosmetic Dentist.

Question #1:What are some of the benefits of dental implants as opposed to regular dentures and bridgework?

Answer #1: Dental Implants are essentially titanium artificial tooth roots. The reason why these are beneficial is that single implants enable us to treat a missing tooth with one solution. Additionally, multiple implants allow us to treat an entire arch. Implants do involve surgery, and if you are interested you should consult with a Valley City Cosmetic Dentist to discuss the costs.

Question #2:I am barely over 30 and am not sure why I am losing my teeth? Are there any treatments you recommend I look into?

Answer #2: At this time you are too young to be losing your teeth, and I highly recommend you see your Valley City Cosmetic Dentist as soon as possible. It is very possible that prompt treatment can save your teeth.

Question #3: What treatments can I purchase at a local store to maintain white teeth?

Answer #3: Almost every pharmacy you visit will sell white strips and whitening toothpastes that can give you a whitening result. However, the best results are always attained when a dentist is assisting in the treatment.

We hope these statements helped answer any questions you have. Make sure to stay tuned for more from your Valley City Cosmetic Dentist.

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