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Here is some dental advice for those with young ones.

Many do not realize that it pays to start dental visits early for your children. In general, first visits are about getting kids used to the dentist’s chair and about educating parents about how to best care for teeth.

At Jamie Elizabeth Sands, DDS. we tend to examines a child’s mouth, then spend 15 to 30 minutes talking about what we have seen and what to expect in the coming months.

If your child has transitioned from the bottle to cup and doesn’t snack or drink in the middle of the night, as a parent you can wait for a longer period before seeing your North Hollywood cosmetic dentist. Between ages 4 and 6, you should expect a first set of mouth X-rays to check for cavities between teeth.

Prevention is the primary focus between ages 6 and 12, when baby teeth give way to permanent teeth. We often suggest a sealant between ages 7 and 9. Cavity-prone molars, which are at the back of the mouth, are the most likely site for treatment.

We always recommend that children brush their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, floss daily, reduce high-sugar snacks, and receive regular dental checkups. The above will have the largest impact on your dental health. Stay tuned for more information from your North Hollywood cosmetic dentist.