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The moment when a child loses his or her first tooth. Although cherished and appreciated, this is also a time when parents need to pay attention and take precautions.

When your child loses his first tooth, is a time of celebration and excitement for the whole family. In general, children first loose their teeth around the age of 6, however, the range varies from 4 ½ years to 8 years. This is a hereditary pattern that relates to the development of child.

Baby Teeth Los Angeles

The reason tooth loss occurs is because permanent teeth under the gums begin to put pressure on teeth. At first, the first teeth to fall are the central and lower lateral superior. Afterward, the tusks and molars are later lost between the ages of 10 and 13. When a tooth is lost temporarily, it is common for the gum surrounding the tooth to remain irregular, often with small uprisings and some redness. This is normal and regulates output completely new tooth gum.

For advanced resorption of the root of a tooth temporary prematurely, this should be evaluated by a Los Angeles dentist to find the cause and eliminate it, as a tooth that is fractured should be evaluated and controlled. It is important to remember that the first dental visit is from the first year to three years, and after a child should visit a dentist regularly, ideally every six months.