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Dr. Jamie Sands and WWE Cameron /Ariane AndrewIn October of 2014, Dr. Jamie Sands received a call from the producers of E! Entertainment’s hit reality show Total Divas to find out if she was willing to help one of its stars, Ariane Andrew (aka WWE Cameron), gift her father with a new smile. Little did the producers know that Dr. Jamie was already a huge fan of the show, so her answer was a resounding, “YES!”

Shortly thereafter Ariane’s father, Forest, came to Dr. Jamie Sands’ Studio City office for a consultation and she developed a treatment plan for him. In only a few short weeks, Forest received a total Smile Makeover which resulted in a healthy and sparkling new smile. Needless to say, Forest was overwhelmed with joy and we could see that his self-confidence blooming before our eyes.Dr. Jamie Sands & Ariane Andrew & Dad

Now, we don’t want to give away too much because you really need to watch Total Divas tonight (3/1/2014) on E! at 9/8c to see Forest’s amazing transformation – and bring your handkerchiefs. It’s truly a heart-tugging story and Dr. Jamie was so honored to help Ariane help her father with this life-changing gift.

Here’s a short preview of tonight’s episode and explaining the reason behind Ariane’s idea to help her father.