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Below is some flossing advice from your North Hollywood cosmetic dentist.

Every six months, its recommended that you visit your North Hollywood Cosmetic Dentist for a cleaning. Although many often receive lectures about the importance of flossing, it is easy to forgot. Unfortunately, there is no instant gratification with flossing, and many do not think it does anything. This is disappointing, because as your North Hollywood cosmetic dentist can attest, flossing is one of the most important things you can do for the health of your teeth.

North Hollywood Cosmetic Dentist

Flossing does around 40% of the work needed to remove plaque, from your teeth. Plaque produces acid, which can cause cavities, irritate the gums, and lead to gum disease. If you don’t floss, you are leaving many of the surfaces of your teeth unclean.

As your North Hollywood cosmetic dentist, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of flossing. Gum disease can damage the youthful aesthetics of your smile by eating away at gums and teeth. It also attacks the bones that hold your teeth and the lower third of your face. People who keep the height of that bone by flossing have a better appearance as they age.

Most floss is made of either nylon or Teflon, and both are effective. People with bigger spaces between their teeth or with gum recession (loss of gum tissue, which exposes the roots of the teeth) often tend to obtain better results with a flat, wide dental tape. If your teeth are too close to each other, try thin floss.

Bridges and braces require a defter touch to get underneath the restorations or wires and between the teeth. Utilize a floss threader, which appears like a plastic sewing needle. Stay tuned for more flossing advice from your North Hollywood cosmetic dentist.