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Invisalign is a clear, almost invisible alternative to traditional metal braces. Using a series of custom-made plastic aligners, Invisalign achieves the same goal as regular braces except without the discomfort. This innovative new method for straightening teeth is an ideal way to achieve a beautiful smile in the new year.

What are the Benefits?

Invisalign is almost invisible to the naked eye, making them discreet. They’re also completely removable. This doesn’t just let you avoid the numerous food and drink restrictions seen with traditional braces, it also allows for easier brushing and flossing. Invisalign is considerably more comfortable than metal braces, which means you spend less time dealing with pain and going to your orthodontist for adjustments.

What is the Invisalign Process Like?

The process starts with a consultation appointment with the office of Dr. Jamie Elizabeth Sands. During this time, they will discuss the details of your situation with you in order to determine whether you’re a good candidate for the treatment. Invisalign can be used for correcting mild to moderate tooth crowding, crookedness, misalignment and over-spacing. Your consultation appointment also provides an ideal opportunity to ask any questions or concerns you might have regarding the procedure.

If it has been determined that you’re an ideal Invisalign candidate, impressions, photos and x-rays may be taken of your teeth to help design your specific plan of treatment. This information may also be used to show you how you can expect your teeth to look after each step of Invisalign treatment. Next, a series of clear, fully customized plastic aligners are created. These aligners are smooth and won’t abrade the inside of your mouth the way metal braces would.

When you return to receive your Invisalign aligners, you will also be provided with detailed instructions on how to use and care for them. All you have to do is wear the aligners throughout each day, removing them only to eat or perform your oral hygiene routine. Over time, the aligners will slowly push your teeth into their more ideal positions. Because they’re completely see-through, no one will notice them.

You will start wearing the next set of aligners in the series about every two weeks. Over the course of your treatment, you’ll need to visit our office to have your progress monitored. At each stage of treatment, you’ll have the chance to find out how close you are to obtaining the smile that you’ve always wanted.

To obtain the optimal results, it’s strongly recommended that you wear your aligners for at least 22 hours out of the day throughout the course of your treatment.

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