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Your smile is such a valuable asset, especially in an age where thousands of people can see a picture of you in minutes on social media. As such, you want to ensure that your teeth always look beautiful, and getting porcelain crowns is one of the ways to do that. A porcelain crown is essentially a cap that goes over your tooth.

Damaged Teeth

You may wonder how a tooth could become damaged. Well, imagine that you are involved in a car accident or that you fall on your face while walking down the stairs. Part of your tooth may get knocked off. Instead of having the tooth pulled and a new one implanted, you can opt to have a crown put over the tooth. That way, you look as though your tooth was never damaged in the first place.

Diseased Teeth

Sometimes, disease can cause your teeth to decay, and part of the tooth may come off. Again, you may not necessarily need dental surgery to have a perfect smile. If the rest of the tooth is still in good condition, then Dr. Jamie Sands may simply say that you can put a cap on it. However, keep in mind that some diseases go to the gums of your teeth. When you have a gum disease, the dentist may have no choice but to pull the affected teeth.

Decay Due to Age

In other cases, your teeth will begin to decay due to the natural aging process. Some individuals need to wear full sets of dentures because they have lost so many teeth due to decay.  Though for others, perhaps yourself included, you simply need to cover up part of the tooth. No matter what type of decay you experienced, the porcelain crown can make your smile look as good as new.


In other situations, people experience discoloration of their teeth. Whether due to aging or an excessive amount of caffeine, your teeth may have discolored through the course of your lifetime. Even if the tooth is still structurally sound, you can have a crown placed on it so that it matches with the rest of your pearly white smile.

Unhappy with Appearance

Some may not have any of the aforementioned problems, but are unhappy with the appearance of a particular tooth. For whatever reason, you may feel as though it sticks out from the other and makes your smile look disjointed. In those cases, you may also be a candidate for a porcelain crown. These crowns are used to cover up issues with the teeth, but they can also prove helpful for people who want to achieve a higher aesthetic look with their teeth.

At Jamie Elizabeth Sands, D.D.S., we offer different dental services to help you get your best smile. We provide porcelain crowns in addition to many other cosmetic treatment options. Doctor Jamie Sands will work with you to determine the most effective dental treatment for your needs. Contact Jamie Elizabeth Sands, D.D.S. today to schedule your consultation.