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Occlusal problems are another name for the issues relating to an incorrect bite. It is important to be aware of the different signs of of occlusal problems, as these can be very serious and can impact your day-to-day life.

The best way to spot a potential occlusal problem is to regularly visit your Hollywood cosmetic dentist twice a year. A dentist will be able to identify potentially serious issues. The treatment used for occlusal problem will depend on the specific issue, how long you have had it, and the condition of your teeth.

Hollywood Cosmetic Dentist

Depending on the occlusal problem you might have you can have loose teeth, you could experiencing mandibular pain, and your teeth may even be worn and even broken in some areas. Some issues are so serious that your dentist may want to send you to a specialist.

In some cases, a Hollywood dentist may also suggest a patient use a temporary hard plastic or soft night-guard appliance. These devices will be placed on your lower or upper teeth and will fit very accurately so that your bite is in a position where your muscles are relaxed. You might be required to wear this guard at all time, or just at night, depending on what a dentist suggests. In some cases using a night-guard will not be sufficient, in which case your bite might need to be corrected permanently.

Below are a number of other remedies for occlusal problems:


Some drugs can temporarily help taking pain away and relaxing your jaw muscles. However, this is usually a short-term solution.


Relaxation helps in cases where a patient needs to be more aware of stressful situation and when tension needs to be controlled. This is also a temporary solution to occasional problems.

Tooth Adjustment

In order to reposition someone’s jaw dentists can suggest carefully adjusting teeth so that they meet evenly. This will change the direction and the angles that guide your teeth. These adjustments will lead to jaw reposition.

Replacement Teeth

If you are missing teeth, this can pose challenges to a Hollywood dentist to recalibrate your jaw’s position. This is because your jaw is meant to work when all teeth are present. If you are missing teeth your dentist will suggest replacing those with partial dentures or bridgework. This will only be done after a diagnosis is fully confirmed. In some patients pain relief is instant, in other it can take a long time.