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Here is an update on dental phobia from your Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist. When talking about a fear that large communities have, one answer is easy to spot: Dentophobia, or as many know it, dental phobia.

Dental phobia can occur for many reasons. Perhaps you had a bad experience during childhood, or you had a parent who told you stories about children who don’t have good dental hygiene. The associations that patients make about a Los Angeles cosmetic dentist visit are key to the phobias they might have. The sound of the drilling on someone’s teeth can bring thoughts of insecurity and pain.

In this article your Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist will share some options for those who feel anxious about their next visit to the dentist. Hopefully this will make it so they have a better understanding of what to expect and the things they can do to overcome the fears they have.

Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist

On the one hand patients should understand that the reputation of dental procedures has been manipulated by history. The painful and extended procedures patients had to go through in the past have all but disappeared. Technological advancements in the dental arena have translated into safer, shorter and painless procedures. Furthermore, the use of sedatives, as an example Nitrous oxide and intravenous sedatives, has dramatically change the perception of dental fears.

Additionally, if you do have a fear of visiting the dentist, communicating with your Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist is important. In many cases, the lack of understanding on the procedures generates anxiety on patients. We recommend patients express their fears to their doctors, so that the doctor will be able to help ease those fears by explaining the procedures. Having a clear understanding of the procedures and having knowledge about the technologies used are are important and can help eliminate anxiety and dental phobia. We hope you stay tuned for more from your Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist.