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We are often asked a number of questions in Los Angeles about wisdom teeth. Our patients want to know why is it done and what the procedure looks like.

This sort of procedure is among the most common dental surgeries patients go through. When an individual’s wisdom teeth are out, Los Angeles dentists recommend removing them in order to make dental hygiene easier. Oral hygiene is one of the most important habits someone can have. As a matter of fact, having proper dental hygiene has been linked to improvements in overall health. Backed by growing scientific evidence, the phrase ¨healthy mouth, healthy you¨ really is true. Wisdom teeth can also be removed if these are pushing on the rest of the teeth, or if you will go through an orthodontic treatment.

Los Angeles Wisdom Teeth

Before you remove a wisdom tooth, your Los Angeles dentist will take an x-ray of your mouth to check on the orientation of your tooth and any possible complications you could have during surgery. If there is a small risk related to the procedure your dentist can ask you to have the surgery at a hospital. Generally, wisdom tooth removal happens at your Los Angeles dentist’s office.

Before surgery your dentist will give you a local or general anesthetic depending on your dental situation. A general anesthetic might be used if your surgery is supposed to take a long time, or if there is a high risk of complications. Normally, patients require a local anesthetic, which numbs the area where the tooth will be extracted.

To remove the wisdom tooth your dentist will open up the gum adjacent to the tooth, unless the tooth is totally out. If the tooth is under your gum, the procedure might take some more time. Regardless, advancements in technology and procedures make this surgery less intrusive and less painful than it should to be. Once the tooth is extracted, the dentist will close up your gum with stitches, which can be removed after a few days.