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woman lying down awakeThe thought of losing teeth is a nightmare to most people. Without our teeth, we would have to re-learn how to communicate effectively and eat in an entirely different way. Gone would be the days of long conversations over big, juicy burgers or your favorite home-cooked meals. What may be considered even more horrifying to some is the loss of their beautiful smile. The loss of teeth would also have a dramatic effect on the appearance of our face; the facial muscles would have no support, and the face would look much older.

The fear of tooth loss seems to have entered the subconscious of many, as studies have shown that such nightmares are extremely common. As a result, the scenario of losing teeth is one of the most researched in the field of dream interpretation. Dreams about losing teeth can indicate stress and anxiety in a person’s life, or they may point to feelings of helplessness and a lack of control over one’s circumstances. Some studies have linked the cause of these dreams to regret for words spoken or lies told; like a lost tooth, unfiltered words “fall out” of the mouth with little hope to restore the damage that has been done.

Restorative Options

The truth is, losing teeth is really nothing to be afraid of. If you happen to lose one or several of your teeth for any reason, there are many fast and affordable restorative options available. Although dentures can fix the aesthetic and functional problems related to tooth loss, they are not a permanent solution. Dentures must be removed at night so they can be cleaned, and they are sometimes uncomfortable. Dentures are also not the best option for younger people who have lost their teeth because they do not adequately stimulate the jawbone, resulting in bone loss over time. When the jawbone is not stimulated by consistent pressure from a tooth or implant, the jawbone can slowly deteriorate. This can ultimately lead to a decrease in facial aesthetics and poorly fitting dentures.

Dental implants are placed, and they permanently fuse to the bone over time. Implants appear and function exactly like natural teeth. With dental implants, there is minimal risk for bone loss, and your new, beautiful smile is permanent. There are also no dietary restrictions with dental implants, and they will never slip or impede your speech like dentures can.

Dr. Jamie Elizabeth Sands has the experience and aesthetic eye necessary to create the most beautiful results for patients who have lost their teeth. To understand your options for tooth restoration in the Studio City area, please schedule a consultation by calling (818) 306-5153. For your convenience, you may also fill out our online contact form.