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Wearing braces can be difficult for a number of reasons. In addition to the pain and the metal wires, there are many other pitfalls.

Fortunately, today there is another option, and that option is easier to get than ever before. Getting Invisalign is a simple process. To begin, you will need to select a certified Invisalign dentist. In order to perform Invisalign treatment, a dentist must first pass an Invisalign certification course.

When you come in for your first visit, your dentist will determine if Invisalign is a good option for you and will go over the advantages and disadvantages.

In the next step your dentist will take X-rays, photos, and models of your teeth. Then, before your next appointment, your Los Angeles dentist will use a state-of-the-art 3-D software program to determine the best way for Invisalign to straighten your teeth. The sequence of tooth movements will then be translated to a machine which will carve out your Invisalign aligners. These are pretty neat to see.

After this, your Invisalign dentist will give you your first couple sets of Invisalign aligners and go over instructions on how to place and remove them. You will return to your Los Angeles dentist every 4-8 weeks so that you can pick up your next series of aligners and so your doctor can monitor your progress. Your teeth will be just as you had hoped in no time. You can also read more about West Hollywood Invisalign here. We hope you stay tuned for more from your Los Angeles dentist.

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