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Contrary to popular belief, straight and white teeth are not the only elements of a flawless smile. When planning to create a beautiful, natural-looking smile, a good cosmetic dentist must factor in the shape of the lips, the height of the gum line, and the length and shape of the teeth.

In addition, the cosmetic dentist should also evaluate the proportion of the teeth in relation to the rest of the face. Since no two smiles are alike, providing an overall smile makeover is definitely a customized procedure that requires an artistic eye for detail and beauty.

Dr. Jamie Elizabeth Sands has been practicing cosmetic dentistry in Studio City for over 15 years and prides herself on providing the most natural-looking results for her patients. Dr. Jamie Sands integrates cosmetic dentistry flawlessly. In fact, many of her patients tell her that others notice their beautiful smile and not their dental work.

One of the ways Dr. Jamie Sands achieves very natural looking results is by using substructures made of tooth-colored materials. You will never see a black line develop along your gum line from titanium implants or distracting silver spots in your molars because of amalgam fillings. Dr. Jamie Sands uses the highest quality zirconium and lithium disilicate material that looks, feels, and functions exactly like your natural teeth. Porcelain fillings also blend in perfectly with the natural tooth and are completely stain-resistant.

Dr. Jamie Sands also uses the most advanced computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) in dentistry to formulate the exact shape, color, and size of all her dental restorations. All of her veneers and crowns are sent to a master ceramist who customizes the appearance and the fit. The final result is a healthy, natural-looking smile that you and everyone you know will love to see.

If you are interested in any cosmetic dental procedure offered at Dr. Jamie Elizabeth Sands’ Studio City practice, please call us today to schedule a consultation at (818) 306-5153. For your convenience, you may also fill out our online contact form.