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Although many of our North Hollywood patients often think that avoiding sweets is the only thing they need to do to protect teeth from cavities and negative dental conditions, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, there are many parts that a person should consider if they want to protect their teeth. In addition to eating we also use our teeth while talking, chewing, and smiling, and we are always exposing them to a number of environments and situations. Here are 5 things you should know about your teeth from your North Hollywood Family Dentist:

North Hollywood Family Dentist

  1. In addition to sweet drinks and candy, sour substances can be bad for your teeth. Acidic and citric substances with a low PH level erode your teeth’s enamel., These substances can also significantly reduce teeth size and provoke teeth to become sensitive.
  2. There is a small list of items that can break your enamel. Eating ice, popcorn, added to tongue and lip piercings can chip and break teeth.
  3. From your North Hollywood family dentist, it’s important to know that you can miss teeth at any age and that this is not particular to older folks. The most common cause for missing teeth are gum disease and cavities.  You should pay close attention to your oral health, so that you don´t lose teeth unnecessarily.
  4. Fluoride is important for healthy teeth, however too much of it can be detrimental. As a matter of fact, children who consume excessive amounts of fluoride can develop fluorosis. This condition stains teeth from the inside out.
  5. Using braces can lead to irreversible tooth damage. When people get braces they tend to forget about brushing their teeth properly and cavities start forming the brackets. It is important to have better oral hygiene when one uses braces than ever before.

We hope this information from your North Hollywood family dentist was of help.