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Are your teeth as white as you would like them to be? If you not, have you ever considered teeth whitening in Valley Village?

Unfortunately, teeth change color for a number of reasons. On the bright side, in today’s world you do not need to live with a smile that you are not pleased with. Teeth whitening can restore your teeth to their earlier brightness. There are a number of different options you can take, which is what your Valley Village Cosmetic Dentist plans to discuss today.

As we become older, the outer layer of enamel on our teeth is worn away. This eventually shows the darker tissue underneath. Your teeth can also become discolored from smoking and from drinking coffee, tea, and wine.

Tooth whitening is a great option for those looking to brighten their smile in the Valley Village, and can be accomplished in two ways.

First, a product can be used to bleach the tooth. The bleach will be used to actually change your natural tooth color. Typically the tooth will change anywhere from five to seven shades brighter, which is how dentists assess tooth color. Bleaching products contain peroxides that help remove both deep and surface stains.

The second type of Valley Village tooth whitening process uses non-bleaching products that work by physical or chemical action to help remove surface stains only.

A new type of teeth whitening that has been used more recently is called chairside bleaching. This may require more than one visit, with each visit lasting 30 to 60 minutes. During chairside bleaching, your dentist applies either a protective gel to your gums to protect the soft tissues in the mouth. A bleaching agent is then applied to the teeth, and a special light may be used to intensify the bleach.

Your Valley Village costmetic dentist can also provide you with a tooth-whitening system that you can use at home. At-home products typically come in a gel form that contains carbamide peroxide. With the product, the gel is placed in a custom-fitted mouthguard, created from a mold of your teeth. Depending on the product you and your dentist choose, the guard is worn either twice a day for 30 minutes or overnight.

We hope this was of help. Stay tuned for more from your Valley Village cosmetic dentist.

Valley Village Teeth Whitening