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Your teeth facilitate everything from acquiring the nutrients your body needs for repair and growth to social interaction.

The problem is that teeth begin to undergo wear as you age. They lose enamel, chip, and fracture as a result of chewing, stress and normal wear. They may even become weaker because of an inability for your body to supply the nutrients they need.

The result is damage to your teeth. This can lead to tooth loss, infection and a myriad of other unhappy problems. One brilliant way to reverse the damage your teeth have experienced and to protect them from further damage is to undergo our oral anti-aging treatment. It can rebuild enamel while ensuring that your entire body works to facilitate your oral health.

Ensuring Oral Nutrition

One of the most common reasons oral health declines revolves around the fact that most people lack the vitamins and minerals necessary for superb oral health.

Calcium, vitamin D and sodium fluoride represent the three most basic elements necessary for your mouth’s repair and maintenance. These strengthen your enamel, helping your teeth to repair minor damage while protecting themselves from things like acid and bacteria.

Antioxidants, folate, iron, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc are just a short list of the nutrients the soft tissue in your mouth needs. These work to revitalize and regulate the connective fibers that hold your teeth in place while helping to increase your body’s natural ability to destroy harmful bacteria.

Rebuilding Enamel Directly

The next step is to begin rebuilding your enamel. While nutrition is an important part of this step, it may not be able to rebuild enamel quickly enough to prevent cavities and other decay-related conditions.

We can help you begin rebuilding your enamel directly by providing you with special gels and other oral supplements designed to interact directly with your teeth. These agents help you rebuild enamel more efficiently than changes in your nutrition could alone.

The biggest benefit of this step is that rebuilding your enamel this way can repair early cavities and small fractures in your teeth. This can significantly strengthen your teeth and improve your overall oral health.

Reversing Established Injuries

Periodontal disease and advanced tooth decay must be treated before the mouth’s age can be reversed. In cases where there is excessive gum recession or damaged teeth, we work with you to correct the damage.

Improving Your Oral Health with Our Oral Anti-Aging Treatment

Our oral anti-aging treatment works to turn the clock back on the age of your mouth. We work with you to help rebuild the enamel of your teeth while reducing the acidity of your mouth and the presence of harmful bacteria.

Contact the office of Dr. Jamie Elizabeth Sands today to schedule your consultation and learn how Oral Anti-Aging can help you.