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The human tooth has an incredible amount of durability built into it. It’s meant to withstand the forces of chewing, acids and a limited amount of erosion from bacteria

The problem is that teeth are not invincible. They can sustain damage that can make them more susceptible to other types of damage, allowing problems like abscesses to develop when they aren’t treated.

Before you get that chipped tooth extracted or simply stop worrying about it, let’s examine some reasons that you should have your tooth repaired.

Chipped Teeth are Susceptible to Other Damage

When a tooth becomes chipped, a certain amount of enamel breaks off. This enamel may not expose the soft dentin underneath, but it can make your teeth more susceptible to future incidents of damage.

Chipped teeth, for example, tend to be at a greater risk for tooth fractures. These fractures can extend vertically down the tooth. They may even break the tooth in two, which means that the tooth requires extraction.

The only remedy for a tooth that becomes this damaged is to extract and replace it.

Damage Gives Bacteria and Decay a Place to Hide

Even if you can see the damage to your tooth and clean it regularly, it can still provide bacterial and dental decay a place to hide.

Rough areas can develop on the surface of the dentin. These microscopic areas are susceptible to acid, causing them to decay. These surfaces become rough, giving bacteria and decay a place to reside.

A Chipped Tooth Can be Irritating, Ugly and Uncomfortable

Chipped teeth tend to be one of the most infuriating problems. They can make you self-conscious of your smile, and irritate your mouth in ways that make simple activities like sleeping a difficult task.

It’ll only worsen significantly over time without treatment. Since they are weaker than healthy teeth, future fractures can occur. This leads to grave consequences pertaining to the function and form of chipped teeth.

Repairing a chipped tooth can prevent these problems while enhancing the confidence you have in your smile.

Should You Get Your Chipped Tooth Repaired?

Most chipped teeth are fairly easy to repair. The surface is prepared, cleaned, and bonding will be applied before ultraviolet light is used to cure a composite filling on your teeth.

Even in the most severe cases where extraction is needed, repairing a chipped tooth is advantageous to you. It allows you to develop a plan to restore your smile while warding off many potential problems that a failing tooth can bring.

When it comes to a chipped tooth, you should always opt to repair it. For more information, contact the office or Dr. Jamie Elizabeth Sands. The more of the tooth you save, the healthier your smile will remain. Call the office today to schedule your consultation.