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Smile Gallery

We custom-design each and every porcelain veneer to match our patient’s needs both aesthetically and functionally. Minor defect corrections and total smile makeovers can be achieved through this.

This patient is an animator who travelled 500 miles from her home in Silicon Valley just to be seen by Dr. Jamie Sands. She felt that her previous dentist did not provide her with the proper clinical and esthetic dental care. She felt that the crowns on her two top teeth were too prominent and did not match her other teeth. Dr. Jamie replaced the old crowns and added Porcelain Veneers to her other front teeth. As you can see, the result is a more natural, balanced smile and this patient couldn’t be happier.

While Manhattan Beach is only about 30 miles from Dr. Jamie Sands’ Studio City office, it’s a long way to go in L.A. traffic.  This patient felt it was worth it to use the cosmetic dental services of Dr. Jamie. As an executive in the movie industry, she meets many prominent people and she was self-conscious about her smile.  Dr. Jamie Sands met with her and they planned for a Smile Makeover. With her new set of porcelain veneers and a fresh new natural looking smile, this patient was thrilled with the results and ready to continue making the big deals.

Many of Dr. Jamie Sands’ cosmetic dental patients are in front of and behind the camera.  Dr. Jamie knows actors need to make an investment in their career by perfecting their smile.  In this case, this handsome young actor wanted to close up the spacing in his teeth and a set Porcelain Veneers did the job.  He is now ready for his close up!

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This Los Angeles judge decided it was time to upgrade her smile.  When she came to Dr. Jamie Sands her teeth were yellowed and uneven.  A set of Porcelain Veneers left her with straight white teeth and a brighter smile.  All of the goals, to look and feel youthful, sophisticated and classy were achieved.


This young man knew his smile was hurting his acting career.  While his teeth were in good shape, they were yellow and he knew his crossbite needed to be corrected.  Dr. Jamie used Invasalign to broaden his smile and make it less gummy. After his bite was corrected, his teeth were whitened and leaving him with a picture perfect smile!


Many of Dr. Jamie Sands’ patients are looking for subtle but dramatic results.  This patient already had metal braces and still wasn’t happy with her teeth. With her artistic eye, Dr. Jamie crafts the perfect look for every individual.  This PR professional got a set of Porcelain Veneers and her so-so smile was transformed into a fantastic one.


This bride wanted to look picture perfect for her wedding day.  To achieve her goals, Dr. Jamie Sands needed to correct this patient’s bite first.  Using Invisalign to realign and straighten, her teeth, she was then given a set of  Porcelain Veneers. The end result was  a beautiful beaming smile for this beautiful bride.


Now that her daughter was off to college, this empty-nest mom decided to start taking better care of herself. Unhappy with her yellowed, crooked teeth, she came to Dr. Jamie Sands for a Smile Makeover.  Dr. Jamie straightened out her teeth with Invisalign and when that was done, a professional whitening gave this mom a radiant, new smile.


This patient was a hockey player and like many of them, lost his two front teeth during a game. The days of dentures and bridges are long gone and Dr. Sands installed two new implants and restored this rugged young man’s handsome smile.


This patient had suffered a debilitating back injury and during his recuperation, the prescription medicine he was taking destroyed his teeth over time.  He came to Dr. Jamie Sands with a very difficult case as he needed his entire mouth to be rebuilt.   With dental implants, Dr. Jamie restored his teeth and gave him a beautiful smile.


There’s no job too big nor too small for Dr. Jamie Sands, In this case, her patients just needed a single implant to replace a missing tooth. If you didn’t see the before photo, you wouldn’t be able to pick out the dental implant from the real teeth.






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