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It is hard to find someone who does not want to have a beautiful white smile.  Thanks to the growing teeth whitening market, there are a now a number of options available at your fingertips.

From Los Angeles dentist treatments to whitening strips, there really is not a reason why you should not have the smile that you are looking for. Before you do decide to whiten your teeth, here are some teeth whitening tips.

See A Los Angeles Dentist

Even if you do decide to go another route, we recommend you get a professional cleaning and mouth exam. Your dentist will be able to detect any new cavities, which is important because getting the cavity treated first will keep the tooth safe.

Your Los Angeles dentist will also determine if your gums are healthy. If they are not and are inflamed, it is recommended that you wait to whiten your teeth. A dentist will also be able to recommend a number of products and can notify you how much whiter you can expect your teeth to become.

Spend Time Shopping For Products

If you decide to pursue teeth whitening, look at products with a mid-range bleaching agent. Particularly in the beginning, you should not buy the lowest concentration nor the highest. If the results are not what you are looking for, then you can then adjust the concentration.

Remember To Follow Directions

If you do not follow directions, you can irritate your gums or worse. As an example, if you leave the whitening strips on too long, then your gums may become bothered. After you have used the product, avoid acidic beverages such as soda for a few hours to protect your teeth.

Watch Out For Sensitive Teeth

When you do use teeth whitening products, be aware that mild and temporary tooth sensitivity can occur. If inflammation or sensitivity are bothersome, discontinue the treatment and speak with your Los Angeles dentist.

Don’t Be A Whitening Addict

As the teeth whitening market grows, a number of people believe that the more they use the better. However, after following the directions and receiving the result you are looking for, a once a month touch up session should be enough.

We hope this was of help. Stay tuned for more from your Los Angeles dentist.

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