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testimonials-1Dr. Sands has provided me, my family, and friends with truly exceptional services on every visit for the past 2 years.Going to the dentist was always a big fear or mine, however, Dr. Sands’ careful operation and courteous staff has significantly changed my impression on dentist visits altogether. The office is always clean and tidy and each visit is conducted with comfort and patient satisfaction in mind. You would expect this to come at a premium but Dr. Sands has managed to keep her rates competitive with most surrounding dentist in the area. Dr. Sands staff always make it a point to conduct themselves in a friendly yet professional manner. As for sitting in the dental chair, Dr. Sands is so careful with her procedure that I have never done so much as a flinch during a visit, even my 4 year old enjoys it. Dr. Sands and her staff are truly a testament to what all dentist should stand for. I will never bother going to any other dentist.

testimonial-2I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of really great dentists throughout my life but I have found my “home” with Dr. Sands and her practice. I came to her for the full gammet. Cleaning, gum treatment (I have an awful mouth), cavities. In addition to cosmetic work: veneers, an implant, bleaching, etc.

So far I’m just about done with the veneer process and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. Equally as important as my results however, is the bedside manner of Dr Sands and her entire team. Particularly George and Edith. I cracked my temporaries 4 times (and a 5th time on the day of my permanents being cemented just to keep things sassy) and was seen immediately every single time I called. Every single time I was greeted with a smile, taken care of quickly, and was never once made to feel silly for continually damaging my pretty temporary teeth (some of us have a hard time giving up pizza). George was great at reassuring me that the permanents would make the hard time I was having with the temps all worth. He was right. This morning I woke up with my permanent veneers on in disbelief that I was looking at my own mouth.

Another key point is pain. I’ve had about 8 hours of work done on my mouth by Dr. Sands and George at this point and at no point did I feel any kind of pain. Awkward discomfort from the feeling of drill yes, but never pain. To the point that I never even felt the needle for the anesthetic going in. Even if I winced from a surprise blast of air I was immediately asked if I was ok and feeling any pain.

I’m so thrilled with my results, the staff, and the general concern for their patients comfort that I can’t stop singing the praises of this practice. Thank you Dr. Sands and team

testimonial-3Dr. Sands is, without a doubt, a compassionate and brilliant Dentist. When I went to her, I was in pain on the left side of my mouth. I imagine she has seen much worse than my problems, but it felt like I was a special patient from the get go. Turns out my old silver fillings needed to be replaced…after 40 years, and the amount of grinding I do had separated the old fillings, cracked the tooth on another. I ended up needing 5 full crowns and two new fillings.

While not a pain free experience ( i am an extremely challenging patient to anesthetize)…she did great work while doing her utmost to keep me comfortable and happy. the aftercare has been quite good, as well. Proper cleaning on a set schedule…her policy is one of preventative care…not curative. i have never felt up-sold or cheated. I have been very upfront about what i could afford and feel seen and heard around those issues. Her staff is top notch and caring. Go.

testimonial-4It’s not enough to call her work “cosmetic”. When I first went in for consultation a few months ago, all I wanted was to be able to smile with my mouth open. Now, my teeth not only look beautiful but also feel so clean and healthy. It is easily the single best thing I’ve done for myself.

Since I had been thinking about getting veneers and crowns for a few years, I’ve done a lot of research before deciding on Dr. Sands. This is not where you want to go for a bargain. Having said that, the prices were competitive among AACD members. Edith gave me an itemized estimate before any work was done, so there were no surprises.

My teeth were in poor shape from many years of severe grinding and acid reflux. By the time I went to see Dr. Sands, I already had extensive dental work done by a general dentist on cracked, chipped, and worn-down teeth. Although I wasn’t in pain, there was always some amount of discomfort. I only expected my smile to be more presentable, but Dr. Sands practically rebuilt my entire mouth- gumline, bite plane, eveyrthing. I posed a few challenges with outdated and old dental work without proper record-keeping, but she fixed every single one of them with grace and ease. All I have to do now is brush/floss twice a day and wear a nightguard every night to keep them looking beautiful. The whole staff is warm and caring. I cannot thank George, Sandra, and Edith enough for their professionalism. They referred me to Dr. Levine for implant consultation and Dr. Kamrava for a root canal, and they were top notch specialists as well.

testimonial-5I travel from Manhattan Beach to Valley Village to see Dr. Sands – THAT is how good she is. She is hands down the best dentist on every level that I have even been to. Her staff is wonderful, as well. If you go to her once, you will never need to seek another dentist for your entire life.

Even the atmosphere and working style of her entire office will be unlike anything you’ve experienced. It’s not stuffed into some medical building…it is a bright, airy, private office on the ground floor that is so efficiently run you are in/out of your appointments like clockwork. Strongly strongly recommend Dr. Sands. It’ll change your life! Guaranteed!

testimonial-7I have been a patient of Dr. Sands for the past 7 years. I am extremely sensitive when I have any work done on my teeth. Dr. Sands makes sure that I am comfortable and pain free before and after any procedure she does. Additionally, my three children, ages 7, 9 and 11 are patients of Dr. Sands as well. They feel very comfortable going to Dr. Sands for exams, cleanings, and fillings.

Dr. Sands and her entire staff have impeccable bed side manners that make our family feel welcome and important. So, whether you need some cosmetic work done, a root canal, a cavity filled or a cleaning performed (I’ve had all of the above), you will not be disappointed with the service you will receive from Dr. Jamie Sands. Additionally, if cost is a concern, don’t worry.

Dr. Sands will let you know what all of your options are, the costs associated with those options, and the pros and cons of any choice you consider. She also offers payment plans, which is definitely a benefit that I appreciate. The bottom line is that Dr. Sands cares about the health of your mouth and teeth and she wants you to feel great about your smile. Hands down…..she’s amazing.

testimonial-8We have been going to Dr. Jamie Sands for over 10 years. Best dental office I’ve ever been too. She is beyond knowledgeable, thorough, and professional, and is VERY compassionate about the fact that I have SUPER sensitive teeth and she and her staff are very careful with that. She is also incredibly kind and personable and easy to talk to.

Furthermore, if you ever consider any cosmetic procedure, Dr. Sands is the person to do it. She did my Veneers several years ago and she is an absolute perfectionist. She will only accept 120% satisfaction from her patients. I absolutely love my teeth now!

testimonial-9Those of you that dread or fear the dentist… STOP! All you have to do is make an appointment with Dr. Jamie Sands and you will have a dentist for life that you enjoy going to. That’s how it was for me up until 6 years ago, when a friend referred her. He was right. She is amazing and has been my dentist and my family’s dentist ever since. Besides being intelligent, kind, personable, professional, she is also very concerned with your dental needs. Now I have the smile that I’ve always dreamed of & I can thank Dr. Sands and her team for that. Go see her! She is as good as it gets!!!

-Kevin S.

testimonial-10Is it possible to love going to the dentist?? ‘Cause I sure do! I hadn’t been to the dentist for almost 5 years and I was a bit nervous but Dr. Jamie Sands put me right at ease. I love that she walks you through each procedure so that you have nothing to be scared about, knowledge is power as they say.

I’ve had several crowns done here as well as a root canal, Dr. Sands is amazing with pain management – I’ve never felt any discomfort and I have a very low tolerance for pain. Her eye for detail is amazing too! You would never know which teeth of mine are crowns and which are my natural teeth, there is a real artistry to her work.

Also, they are super organized and I rarely wait in the lobby, by the time I open a magazine they call me back into the room. They send text messages and emails to remind you about upcoming appointments – LOVE that!

-Mary D.