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A recent study included evidence that showed that men with a history of gum disease may be more likely than other men to develop cancer. The study, whcih appeared in The Lancet Oncology, included close to 50,000 male health workers.

This research added more evidence to the link between one’s teeth and their overall health. Your West Hollywood Cosmetic Dentist has articles about this here. Already studies have shown correlations between periodontal disease and diabetes.

In this most recent study, the male health workers completed health surveys every two years and dietary surveys every four years. During the study, the group had close to 6,000 new cases of cancer. Compared to men with healthy gums, men with a history of gum disease were:

  • 14% more likely to develop cancer overall
  • 49% more likely to develop kidney cancer
  • 54% more likely to develop pancreatic cancer
  • 30% more likely to develop blood cancers

As an important note, the researches in this study said that this study did not prove cause and effect, and that more research is needed to review the findings.