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Brushing one’s teeth is a habit that many of us take for granted.As a Santa Monica family dentist, it is something I see quite often. Unfortunately for many patients, teeth brushing habits change overtime, and because many specific details are forgotten, gum disease and cavities can occurr. Below we discuss some advice for the most common tooth brushing mistakes that we see occur.

Santa Monica Family Dentist

Using an inappropriate toothbrush

Unfortunately, many Santa Monica patients use an inappropriate toothbrush. When selecting the right toothbrush, an individual should consider the size of his/her mouth. If you are making a very big effort to fit your toothbrush in your mouth, you are probably using the wrong size. Added to this, the ergonomic properties of the toothbrush have to make it easy for you to brush. If the handle is not comfortable enough it is very likely that you will not enjoy brushing and that you will not do a good job.
You are not using the right bristle

Many people make huge mistakes when buying their toothbrush. As a Santa Monica family dentist, here are some considerations to help you choose. It is not about the orientation of the bristle or the size. In fact, what is important is that the bristles are hard enough to remove plaque, but not so stiff they can damage your gum.
You don’t brush long enough or often enough

This is the problem we see most often from Santa Monica patients. It is important to use the right techniques when brushing your teeth. However, there is no use if you only brush your teeth once and for 30 seconds. Consistency is key to avoid gum disease and cavities.
We hope this advice from your Santa Monica family dentist is of help.