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Periodontal Disease

Elevating Dental Experiences with AI Technology

Our goal is to provide our patients with the most accurate diagnosis and detect problems as early as possible. To ensure our mission of preventive and conservative care, Dr. Sands has incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the analysis of each and every X-rays taken at the office.

AI not only provides an objective review of X-rays but also gives the doctor an immediate real-time second opinion. AI quantifies the level of the bone supporting each and every tooth and highlights decay.

Why Dental AI?

Accurate Treatment Plans

Confidence in Your Diagnosis

Catch Problems Early

Revolutionizing Dental Diagnostics

AI transforms the black and white dental X-rays into colors. Instead of showing decay in grades of black and white, which are hard to see, we are now  able to show decay in bright colors that are easy for the patient to identify.

Catch Problems Early

Bone levels are measured right on the X-ray, which allows us to standardize measurements between visits for a more accurate picture of bone loss.

Patients are giving an intuitive visualization, making it easier to identify cavities and bone loss. Through this color mapping, Dr. Sands and her team are able to standardize the necessity or urgency of care.

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