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In the U.S., 74% of adults have crooked or misaligned teeth. Many of the 26% who have straight teeth had to suffer through braces in their younger years. Some people who suffered through wearing metal braces are now part of the 76% who now need to get their teeth straightened again. Understandably, most of those with crooked teeth would rather not relive their teenage insecurities by succumbing to metal braces. Modern dentistry presents Invisalign® as a new way to successfully straighten teeth without the incessant worry of finding lettuce stuck between the wires. Using clear, custom-made teeth trays, Invisalign® can correct crooked teeth, gaps, crowding, and bite problems without the pain, the discomfort, and the unsightly appearance of braces. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign® also improves dental health and reduces the risk of future costly dental problems. Over four million people have already used Invisalign® to achieve a beautiful smile with perfectly straight teeth.

Dr. Jamie Sands uses Invisalign® as an aesthetically appealing, comfortable, and effective teeth-straightening solution without the disadvantages associated with metal braces.

The Benefits of Invisalign®

Get Rid of Gaps Between Teeth

Get Rid of Gaps Between Teeth

Studies have shown that people with beautiful, straight teeth are perceived as being smarter and more successful. A gap-toothed smile is anything but professional and refined. Gaps between your teeth are also prime for capturing food particles, and no one wants to have to floss after every single meal. Invisalign® gradually pulls the teeth into alignment and closes gaps so that teeth fit closely together as they should.
Straighten Out Protruding Teeth

Straighten Out Protruding Teeth

Protruding teeth or a buck-toothed smile can draw unwanted attention to your mouth. The last thing you want is for others to be staring at your prominent teeth instead of listening to the words you are saying. Not only does Invisalign® make a healthier and better functional smile, but it also has the added benefit of making your smile look great, too!
Correct a Crossbite

Correct a Crossbite

Some adults have a crossbite, where the upper teeth are either closer to the cheek or closer to the tongue than the lower teeth. A crossbite happens when the width of the upper and lower jaw are not evenly matched. Invisalign® can adjust the teeth alignment to get rid of a crossbite and help the teeth line up properly to improve their functionality and visual appeal.
Pull Together an Open Bite

Pull Together an Open Bite

If there is a gap between your top and bottom teeth when you bite down, you could have what is known as an open bite. This open gap between your two rows of teeth may interfere with normal eating and speaking and can also give you an off-putting appearance. Invisalign® pulls the top and bottom teeth together so that they can make contact and line up properly.
Re-align an Underbite

Re-align an Underbite

Ideally, the upper and lower jaw are balanced in size and properly aligned. However, if the lower teeth protrude in front of the upper teeth to form an underbite, it is usually because the upper jaw is too small or the lower jaw is too large. Invisalign® moves the lower teeth back to align the upper and lower teeth and correct an underbite.
Enhance Your Overall Smile

Enhance Your Overall Smile

Issues with your bite, overcrowded teeth, protruding teeth, or gaps all deface your smile. Research has shown that adults with straight teeth are perceived as happier, healthier, wealthier, more successful, more attractive, more intelligent, and more likely to get a job. Invisalign® can improve all of these dental problems and enhance your overall smile.

The Invisalign® Treatment Timeline

Stage 1

Your teeth will first be X-rayed and examined, after which an impression will be made. Dr. Jamie Sands will ensure that your teeth are properly fitted for your Invisalign® treatment, and a set of custom-designed teeth trays will be made for you.

Stage 2

You will be given your first set of trays to wear for 18 to 22 hours every day. These trays should only be removed for eating, drinking, and daily oral hygiene. Every two to three weeks, a new tray will be given to you to bring your teeth ever closer into alignment. The total number of trays you will go through is determined by the extent of treatment you need. Every six to nine weeks, Dr. Sands will monitor your progress to make certain your teeth are moving as they should.

Stage 3

After approximately six months to two years, your teeth will be fully straightened. You will be given retainers to wear a few nights per week to maintain your results.


Invisalign® vs. Braces

Invisalign® can help you look and feel your best without having to suffer through the disadvantages of braces. Anyone can straighten their teeth without metal braces or teeth shaving. Dr. Jamie Sands prefers Invisalign® over braces for the following reasons:


Invisalign® can help you look and feel your best without having to suffer through the disadvantages of braces. Anyone can straighten their teeth without metal braces or teeth shaving. Dr. Jamie Sands prefers Invisalign® over braces for the following reasons:

Designed for Adults

Metal braces channel the awkward teenage years and fail to portray the image of a mature, professional adult. Invisalign® is designed to meet the needs of adults by providing invisible aligners, the convenience of removable trays, flexible treatment, and a time-saving solution.

Invisible Teeth-Straightening

Unlike unsightly metal braces with their brightly colored rubber bands and obtrusive wires, Invisalign® teeth trays are virtually invisible. The trays are made of a clear thermoplastic material and are fitted exactly to your teeth. You should be able to wear them all the time without feeling self-conscious or worrying that your peers will notice them. Your treatment will help your teeth look progressively straighter and more attractive thanks to the virtually undetectable Invisalign® trays that blend in with your smile.

No Dietary Restrictions

Braces require you to avoid certain types of food and to carefully inspect your teeth after every meal to ensure that no food particles are trapped between the wires or brackets. Invisalign® trays, on the other hand, are removed when you eat. No dietary restrictions are necessary, so you can continue to enjoy your favorite buttered popcorn and caramel taffy throughout your treatment.

A More Comfortable Experience

Braces often irritate the cheeks and gums, sometimes leaving impressions or cutting the sensitive skin inside the mouth. Invisalign® is completely and blissfully metal-free, making the treatment a much more comfortable experience than braces. Most individuals who use Invisalign® experience no discomfort or very limited discomfort that can be attributed to the process of moving the teeth.

Better for Tooth Health

Braces are permanently glued to your teeth until the treatment is finished. Because of the awkwardness of working around the wires and brackets, it is quite difficult to brush and floss your teeth with braces. Some dentists also recommend tooth shaving with orthodontia to make the teeth narrower and shorter. The tooth-shaving process, while considered safe, removes precious enamel from the teeth. Invisalign® is better for tooth health because it does not require tooth shaving, and the trays can simply be removed to allow for convenient brushing and flossing. Maintaining oral health throughout your Invisalign® treatment helps ensure that your smile will be even healthier afterward.

A Time-Saving Solution

This treatment is designed as a convenient time-saving solution that is perfect for adults. While braces are typically tightened and fitted with new bands once a month, Dr. Sands will only need to meet with you once every six to nine weeks during your Invisalign® treatment. The entire treatment process lasts a mere 12 months for most adult patients. If desired, AcceleDent® Aura can be used to accompany Invisalign® treatment and cut the entire treatment time in half. During your consultation, Dr. Sands can provide you with more information about combining Invisalign® with AcceleDent® Aura to speed up your treatment even further.

Invisalign® FAQs

Invisalign® can correct gaps, crooked or protruding teeth, crowding, and bite issues in nearly all adults. It can also be used for teens. Dr. Sands will carefully assess your teeth to confirm whether Invisalign® is right for you.

The benefits of Invisalign® treatment may be too numerous to describe. This comfortable and invisible teeth-straightening treatment can be used by nearly anyone who wants to improve their smile and keep their teeth healthy throughout their life. Invisalign® can correct gaps, teeth crowding, protruding or crooked teeth, and bite problems for nearly any adult to improve the appearance and functionality of the smile. This treatment also brightens your appearance and can lead you to smile more, thereby indirectly boosting your happiness levels. Invisalign® is designed to be convenient, comfortable, and effective so that you can achieve better oral health and a brighter smile with an invisible treatment that fits your lifestyle.

The cost of Invisalign® is comparable to the cost of braces and ranges from $3,000 to $8,000. Dr. Sands can give you a personalized estimate based on the amount of correction needed for your smile. Many dental insurance companies also offer coverage for Invisalign® to reduce your expense. Bear in mind that the enormous benefits of Invisalign® can also preclude many oral health issues, saving you from costly dental procedures in the future.

Crooked teeth can lead to periodontal disease, gum recession, excessive tooth pressure, chips and notches in the teeth, teeth fractures, premature wear, loose teeth, eventual tooth loss, jaw pain, earaches, headaches, and more. These effects typically worsen with time. Crooked teeth also inhibit daily oral hygiene and put you at greater risk of developing oral infections that could lead to heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, and diabetes. Furthermore, research suggests that having crooked teeth may limit your social and work opportunities based on how others perceive you. Rather than taking these risks, schedule your consultation with Dr. Sands to learn more about how Invisalign® can help make your smile healthier and more beautiful for the rest of your life.

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