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Oral Anti-Aging™

Much like daily sun exposure ages the face, there are several lifestyle choices, along with the natural aging process, that will age your smile. Many people are surprised to find that preventing problems from occurring, correcting any existing flaws in the smile, and maintaining those results will subtract years from their entire facial appearance and significantly boost their self-esteem.

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"Dr. Jamie Sands offers one-of-a-kind Oral Anti-Agingtreatments at her Studio City practice that can make her patients look up to ten years younger."

The Benefits of Oral Anti-Aging Dentistry

RestoreYour Smile

Restore Your Smile

With Oral Anti-Aging℠ treatments, Dr. Jamie Sands can restore the beauty and function of your smile so that you can take on the challenges of daily life with comfort and stability. Patients enjoy their younger-looking, healthier teeth and gums and are given the tools necessary to preserve the improvements.

Reduce Pain

Invisalign®, tooth repositioning, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers can all improve the alignment of your teeth so you can chew easily and speak clearly. You can go about your routine without pain and discomfort from sharp edges, food lodged between teeth, malocclusion, or TMJ symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain.
StrengthenThat Enamel

Strengthen Enamel

The enamel can weaken from force, overexposure to acid, or erosion, but the enamel can be restored. Dr. Jamie Sands always diagnoses the underlying cause of these issues prior to restoring lost enamel. A specialized vitamin gel can also be applied so that your teeth can withstand normal wear and tear.
Repair Damage

Repair Damage

Broken, chipped, or cracked teeth can be repaired by a variety of treatment options that will be customized to fit your desires and budget. The cause of worn dentition will be identified and prevented, and the damage can be restored without changing the tooth structure. Yellow or discolored teeth can also be improved, and old dental bonding or damaged dental work can be repaired.
Reverse the Signs of Aging

Reverse the Signs of Aging

Restoring your smile with teeth whitening, Invisalign®, or other restorative treatments can easily make you appear several years younger. Depending on the treatment, some patients have even experienced fewer wrinkles around the mouth and a more aesthetically pleasing shape to the smile.
TransformYour Face Shape

Transform Your Face Shape

Oral Anti-Aging℠ treatments can have an amazing effect on the shape of the face. Different treatments can improve facial symmetry, give the eyes a more open and alert appearance, slim the face, and relax the facial muscles for an overall healthy-looking, aesthetically pleasing transformation.


I'm in my early 40s and started seeing stains in my side and back teeth. I was having my teeth cleaned every 3 months, flossing brushing and rinsing daily and the stains never went away. The discoloration aged my smile. Instead of looking 40 I was looking in my 50s. My dentist threw his hands up and said there was nothing that could be done. I had an Oral Anti-Aging meeting with Dr. Sands. She spent an hour reviewing my diet habits and used a machine to remove all the stain. She prescribed me custom paste(s) and the stains disappeared. Even better, the stains did not come back. I've referred my wife to her to ensure her smile is preserved as well.

I have to say that there is no dentist like Dr. Jamie Sands. She is so passionate about what she does and all of the work that I had done was amazing. She and her staff are professional yet so friendly and accommodating. She made me feel so much better about my smile and her work was world-class.

How Oral Anti-Aging Dentistry Works

If you would like a younger, more radiant smile that lasts a lifetime, consider Dr. Jamie Sands' customized approach to Oral Anti-Aging.

Oral Anti-Aging is a customized treatment plan that will revitalize your smile and prevent further oral decline. Dr. Jamie Sands will first assess your personal lifestyle in order to determine the cause of your weakened or damaged teeth. She will then decide the combination of treatments that will best meet your needs.

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Several treatments can be used for Oral Anti-AgingSM depending on the patient’s needs. These include:

  • Neutralizing the acidity in your mouth to prevent necessary minerals from leaving your teeth
  • Repairing weakened enamel with a specialized vitamin gel
  • Creating a customized night guard to reduce wear on the teeth
  • Tooth repositioning to improve the beauty and function of overlapping, gapped, or crowded teeth
  • Either crowns, bonds, or porcelain veneers to repair cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
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A numbing gel or local anesthesia is applied for minor treatments, while surgical procedures like gingival graft surgery may require stronger sedation. Dr. Jamie Sands provides many anesthetic options for patients who may have anxiety about dental procedures. Options include oral sedation (the “pill”), nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), and IV sedation.

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Oral Anti-AgingSM should not require additional procedures unless you have a specific request, such as teeth whitening, or you need further correction that requires dental implants or a similar procedure. Every treatment plan is customized to meet your unique needs.

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