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Oral Anti-Aging®

A Treatment Exclusively By Dr. Jamie Sands

The Current Condition
of Your Mouth

Over time, joints, muscles, and teeth stop interacting and begin interfering with each other. The chewing system deteriorates, leading to an undesirably aged appearance, a weakened condition of the mouth, and pain in the joints, head, and neck. When oral health depreciates, body functionality decreases and the facial aesthetic suffers. Oral Anti-Aging® transforms dental care by adopting a new paradigm—one that establishes the goal of bringing you to the highest level of health, beauty, and functionality possible.

Is Oral Anti-Aging® right for you?


Before Treatment

  • Patient carries stress in the face
  • Eyes are taut and asymmetrical
  • Jaw is clenched and wide
  • Patient experiences neck pain, headaches, and shoulder pain

After Treatment

  • Face has become more relaxed
  • Eyes are symmetrical
  • Patient’s jaw has slimmed down
  • Neck, head, and shoulder pain have resolved

Before Treatment

  • Patient showed signs of facial stress
  • Clenched and tight jaw muscles
  • Prominent facial and neck muscles

After Treatment

  • Reduced aging and stress lines on face
  • Relaxed jaw
  • Improved movement and appearance of facial and neck muscles
  • Patient experienced results after only 6 weeks of Dr. Sands’ Oral Anti-Aging treatment with no surgery

Oral aging begins with the joints breaking down, causing the facial muscles to become strained. This tension causes clenching and grinding of the teeth. As a result, facial symmetry is compromised, making the face look recessed and deformed. When the chewing system is corrected, patients obtain the most beautiful, youthful, and functional smile.


What Is Oral Anti-Aging®?

Oral Anti-Aging® treatment begins with fixing the joints, which releases the tension on the facial muscles. When the jaw and muscles are relaxed, the face becomes less constricted, resulting in more open eyes and a pleasant smile. Once the defects in the joints and muscles are improved, Oral Anti-Aging® then corrects the teeth. Many facial and bodily consequences of oral aging are considered normal parts of late adulthood, but they can be alleviated with Oral Anti-Aging® treatment.

Oral Anti-Aging® can correct the following concerns:

Oral Symptoms

  • Worn down or chipped teeth Noticeably shorter teeth
  • Disproportionately large jaw muscles
  • Receding gums
  • Clenching or grinding of the teeth during the day or at night

Face/Body Symptoms

  • Pain in the jaw
  • Headaches
  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Asymmetrical or squinted eyes

Ready for your Transformation?

Treatment Sequence

Step One: TMJ Therapy

The objective of TMJ therapy is to stabilize the jaw joint. Jaw stability is accomplished by creating a custom-made Condylar Centering Orthotic (C2O). The C2O is a clear acrylic splint that is worn in the mouth 24/7 until the joint stabilizes. This phase of treatment involves weekly splint adjustment appointments to ensure proper positioning of the jaw. When it is determined that the joint is stable (after an average of about 6 to 12 weeks), a longer appointment is scheduled to take accurate jaw measurements.

Step Two: Tooth Restoration

The objective of tooth restoration is to establish an optimal bite that correlates with and supports the improved joint position. The methods used depend on various factors, including patient preference. Typically, Dr. Sands uses an additive technique where she replaces the lost tooth structure without removing the additional tooth structure that was lost during the aging process. Orthodontics can also be a method used to restore the teeth to support the new jaw position.

Step Three: Maintenance

The objective of post-restorative maintenance is to maintain the proper bite and joint position. Usually, it involves checking the bite at cleaning visits and making occasional bite adjustment to compensate for certain dynamic changes that can occur in the mouth over time. These appointments are invaluable in maintaining a healthy, comfortable, and stable bite over the patient’s lifetime.


Sometimes, those affected with visible signs of oral aging seek traditional dentistry to correct superficial issues, but the underlying problems remain untreated. Standard dental care tends to treat symptoms, not causes, of oral health problems.

A numbing gel or local anesthesia is applied for minor treatments during tooth restoration. Dr. Jamie Sands provides many anesthetic options for patients who may have anxiety about dental procedures. Options include oral sedation, nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), and IV sedation.

The initial consultation is an informative appointment so you can learn the basic principles of Oral Anti-Aging®, discover the current condition of your mouth, find out the probable consequences of neglecting your current oral health state, and learn if you are a candidate for Oral Anti-Aging®.

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