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Porcelain Fillings

What are porcelain fillings?

Dental fillings, also called inlays and onlays, are used to fill the area of a tooth where decayed material, such as a cavity, was removed. While patients may choose among amalgam, gold, composite resin, or porcelain to fill a cavity, porcelain is the only material available for dental fillings that is BPA-free, mercury-free, durable, and also aesthetically pleasing.

How do porcelain fillings work?

When porcelain fillings are used to restore a cavity, Dr. Sands will remove the tooth decay, defects or cracks at the first appointment. An impression will then be made of the area, and a custom-fit porcelain filling will be created by her master ceramist. During this visit, your tooth will be temporarily filled so that you will be able to eat. At the second appointment, the temporary filling will be removed and replaced with the customized porcelain filling, which will be bonded to the tooth with cement to add additional strength.

The advantages of porcelain fillings include:

Porcelain has a strengthening
effect on the tooth

Porcelain blends in
with the natural tooth

Porcelain is resistant
to staining

Unlike composite resin fillings
porcelain fillings do not chip or wear over time and are not easily stained by coffee, tea, or tobacco

Unlike gold fillings
porcelain is an aesthetically pleasing choice that blends nicely with natural teeth


What is the difference between porcelain fillings and porcelain inlays and inlays?
Porcelain inlays and onlays are just alternate names for porcelain fillings. An inlay refers to the restoration of the inside of the tooth, and it covers the chewing surface of the tooth between the cusps. An onlay will cover more of the top of the tooth, including one or two of the cusps as well as the inside.
How long do porcelain fillings last?
Porcelain fillings generally last longer and are also less likely to come loose than traditional amalgam fillings or composite resin fillings.
How do porcelain fillings strengthen the teeth?
Porcelain actually bonds to the tooth structure, giving it added strength and stability.

Dr. Sands uses the most advanced techniques to provide optimal results for her patients. If you’re interested in a porcelain filling to restore a cavity or damaged tooth, please contact her Studio City office for a consultation.